NeuroIntegration Therapy

What is NeuroIntegration Therapy?

The NeuroIntegration System is a ground-breaking approach in brain therapy. we use Real Time NeuroFeedback combined whith photic and audio response.  Like going to the gym to exercise your muscles can create a new you, NeuroIntegration can over time, create new thought patterns in you mind.. Photic response helps train the brain into producing new and more efficient efficient brainwave patterns using auditory and visual stimulation. No surgery or invasive methods are used with this therapy, and your brain is able to achieve rapid improvement in mental and physical states, yielding powerful, long lasting results.

Retraining the Brain

NeuroIntegration therapy interrupts ineffective mental patterns, correcting the neural pathways inside the brain. By monitoring the electrical activity in the brain, we are able to enhance positive brain activity and inhibit negative activity. By balancing the brain and regulating the nervous system, new thought patterns are allowed to break through old patterns, which are responsible for causing a wide variety of disorders. NeuroIntegration Therapy has been proven to be a very powerful technique for improving brain functions and supporting normal brain neurochemistry by balancing neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and other neuropeptides.

Establishing Proper Pathways

Often areas of our brains are operating sub-optimally (either too fast or too slow). These patterns can easily become ingrained, affecting our perception and locking us into automatic and habitual patterns of behavior. This prevents us from accessing a full range of mental experiences and, thus, negatively impacts our quality of life. Fortunately, regardless of age, your brain is always capable of learning. NeuroIntegration Therapy will help your mind work in a relaxed and efficient manner.

NeuroIntegration Therapy is a non-invasive treatment, and does not impose anything artificial on you or on your brain. It is helpful to think of NeuroIntegration Therapy as a class specially tailored for your brain, unlocking the skills and capacities that you have always been capable of.